Within the United State’s capital lives 700,000 people who have no representation in the legislative bodies that tax and govern their lives. Washington DC residents are not a part of any state and therefor do not have a representative in the House of Representative, nor a senator in the Senate. For this reason, Washington DC contradicts the timeless American saying of “No Taxation Without Representation.” Today, there are currently efforts to give Washington DC statehood. So what would it look like if that did happen?

Given the current political situation in the United States, this was a particularly fun episode to research and ponder over. Washington DC, for all its intents as a wholly separate entity from the states, exists in this weird sort of limbo. But given the current political climate, and given Washington DC’s penchant for being a strongly democratic city, makes the likelihood of any sort of actual statehood unlikely, regardless of how unfair it might be.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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